A self-started initiative that began in 2012. 

Since then I have offered over 6000 hours of volunteer mentoring to startups at different stages.

The main aim of the sessions is to help startup teams develop lean mindsets, create a common vocabulary, and conquer challenges.

The sessions also focus on helping startups design and validate better business models and value propositions. 

All my mentoring sessions are FREE of charge to serious entrepreneurs. 



Hani Naguib is one of the most vibrant, motivational, and encouraging mentors you can find out there. He is pragmatic, never sugar coats anything but never brings you down while doing so which is very difficult to nail as he does. He literally helped us pivot and rejuvenate our business and more importantly he reminded us of why we are doing this in the first place. We don’t have enough words to give this guy what he truly deserves from appreciation and respect! Thank you 🙏🏼

What I like most about Hani is that he thinks in a different and unique way. During our mentorship sessions, he helped me develop my mindset, and not just the business, which was amazing! He shared the journey with our team and always supported us with fact based solid advice.

Ali El Nawawi

Founder of Scarabaeus Sacer

Sami Al-Ahmad

Co-Founder of Marj3

Hani’s mentoring sessions are priceless, he’s the perfect mentor in war and peace. I can’t emphasize the effect he has on me and eddyPay. Hani is like Alfred to Batman. You need him. Do yourself a favor and talk to Hani, he’ll lead you to the right place. I promise you won’t find a better mentor.

Omar Khalil

Founder of EddyPay

Entrepreneurship stories, numbers, and curriculum are abundant everywhere but the entrepreneurial mindset -which is the core- is hard to learn and to find as well. Hani taught me to ask the right questions, validate business ideas by evidence, understand by heart the JTBD, and the value delivered to any business clients. IMO, this is the entrepreneurial mindset every entrepreneur needs, and this is Hani's mindset who I was happy to be mentored by in my last 2 startups. I totally recommend him for any entrepreneur and intrapreneur who is looking to learn the entrepreneurial mindset.

Muhammad Abu Elgheit

Founder of TechieMatter

It is easy to find a mentor who can tell your startup idea is amazing or bad but the real mentor is the one who can tell you how you can develop it further, this is Hani! 
Hani's input supported me and my co-founders to see Marj3 from different prospectives. Hani never gave us the knowledge but taught us how to reach by ourselves.

Abdo Samy

Co-Founder of Marj3


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