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Episode 7: Learning from Failures and Harsh Experiences with Samer Wagdy at GBarena

In our latest episode of the Mindset To Startup Reflection Sessions, we had the distinct pleasure of hosting Samer Wagdy, Co-founder of GBarena. Samer shared his reflections on the repeated challenges his team faced, discussing how these difficulties were transformed into vital lessons of resilience and strengthened teamwork. Central to our discussion was a compelling quote from Mindset To Startup that profoundly impacted Samer:

"One big sign of Informed Pessimism is how entrepreneurs become fixated on what they have experienced and how it made them feel. Harsh experiences become a primary frame of reference. Founders become focused on what they know and dread reencountering it. That creates a direct relationship between how deeply they were scarred and how much they fear it." (Chapter 3, page 56).

During our session, Samer openly discussed the many challenges his team has faced repeatedly. He explained how these tough obstacles have turned into valuable lessons that have built resilience and improved teamwork in his startup.

Watch Samer's Reflection video here:

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Stay tuned for more empowering conversations and insights on the entrepreneurial journey. Together, let's unlock the power of mindset and pave the way for startup success!

Goodwill and Respect

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