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Episode 8: Evaluating Founders: Navigating Local and International Views with Ahmed Abd Elhamid

Updated: 2 days ago

Welcome to Episode 8 of the "Mindset To Startup Reflection Sessions"! Join us as Ahmed Abd Elhamid, Founder of SunUtions, navigates the complex dynamics of global perceptions in entrepreneurship.

In this episode, Ahmed reflects on an impactful quote from "Mindset To Startup" and connects it with his own turbulent beginnings in the solar energy hardware sector in Egypt. He reflected on this quote:

"This is what the world around them prioritized in evaluating founders in general and not just them. If they had not about them as founders but rather about the surrounding environment. Their perception didn’t get that result until they had the opportunity to contrast it with the perception of another evaluating environment. The local surroundings prioritized investments in what is perceived as the 'right founders', whereas the international environment prioritized investments based on the founders with the right results. That distinction made all the difference for them. (Chapter 3, page 72)

Ahmed shares his intense experiences starting SunUtions in 2013, when the concept of a hardware startup was still novel in Egypt. He describes how external pressures and comparisons often led to confusion and self-doubt within his team, impacting their confidence and internal dynamics.

Watch Ahmed's Reflection video here:

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Stay tuned for more empowering conversations and insights on the entrepreneurial journey. Together, let's unlock the power of mindset and pave the way for startup success!

Goodwill and Respect

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