Mentor Journey


Thank you for the inspiration

Hello, my name is Hani W. Naguib.

I have a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs progress with evidence and supporting the Egyptian ecosystem entities strive with advanced program design consultations and advice.

With more than 8000 hours of volunteered mentoring sessions, I have developed a unique insider perspective on the mental and business challenges of the journey to build a startup.
I share my observations, notes, and insights on my blog: Mentor Journey.

I continuously research and develop case based, interactive content to inform and educate entrepreneurs about the latest in innovation. I also develop visual strategy tools to help entrepreneurs bridge the blindspots of the innovation process. 

I regularly speak about evidence based entrepreneurship, entrepreneur's mindset and startup journeys and the latest in innovation.
I also take my practical knowledge to the classroom as a lecturer to prepare and inspire future entrepreneurs with interactive and stimulating (online/offline) up to date content.

In a nutshell, I advise early stage startups, support ecosystem entities on program design, consult on innovation projects, offer training workshops, facilitate startup bootcamps, and regularly teach, write, and speak about entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Goodwill and Respect

Entrepreneurs = Future

Alex Osterwalder

Dr. Alex Osterwalder

Co-Founder Strategyzer, Bestselling Author and inventor of the business model canvas

Hani was an early adopter of our tools and methodologies and participated in our first Strategyzer bootcamp in 2016.
I came to know Hani as a very dedicated and passionate professional who is always up-to-date on the state-of-the-art in innovation and entrepreneurship practices. In addition to spreading our methodologies, he also contributes to expanding them with his own ideas, examples, and experiences. Our continuous and regular exchanges on advancing the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship have always been very fruitful to me.