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Working with Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Innovative Companies Since 2012


Hani W. Naguib is the author of the insightful book "Mindset To Startup" and advises on creating value-centric ventures

He is a passionate advocate for evidence-based entrepreneurship, customer-centric design, and founders mentoring. His work encompasses speaking, training, researching, and lecturing on these subjects.

He firmly believes that a founder's journey begins with their perception. By cultivating the right mindset, building a successful startup becomes an inevitable outcome.

He dedicates himself to supporting founders in making value-focused, evidence-based progress. To this end, he has volunteered over 10,000 hours mentoring early-stage founders, helping them identify and address blind spots in their startup logic.

Through his extensive mentoring journey, he has gained invaluable insights from the entrepreneurs he has worked with. To pay it forward, he has consolidated his knowledge and experiences into a book aimed at empowering the next generation of founders.


Find inspiration with Hani's blogposts, publications, and more

Mindset To Startup Book Cover


Gain valuable insights from Hani's thought provoking keynotes and advanced up to date workshops.

Evidence Based Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Duration: Eight days

Audience: founders, corporate employees.

Number of Attendees: up to 15 startups - 30 Individuals

Unlock potential with our Evidence Based Entrepreneurship bootcamp. Tailored for acceleration programs, this interactive bootcamp offers entrepreneurs the ability to explore their business models and make progress with evidence. 
Our Bootcamps empower startups mindsets to thrive, guided by experienced facilitators. 
Additionally, attendees will learn and practice the ability to transform abstract ideas into customer-centric products and business models. 

Deep-Dive Master Class

Duration: One day
Audience: University students, founders, corporate employees.
Number of Attendees: As agreed upon

Our Deep-Dive Master Classes are designed to offer attendees a case based approach to understanding innovation and evidence based entrepreneurship approach. 
Our Master Classes offers a hands-on approach where attendees learn by doing, think with alternatives, and appreciate a human-centric approach to create value innovation. 
Our Master Classes are designed to focus on provoke mindsets, offer process, and support all that with the latest collaborative tools.

Community Keynote

Duration: Two Hours
Audience: University students, founders, corporate employees.
Number of Attendees: As agreed upon

Our community Keynotes are designed to help attendees ask questions, find answers and most importantly marvel at new ideas. 
Our Community Keynotes are case based and backed with up to date stats and data.


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In an era of high uncertainty , innovation is crucial. Global examples show how companies and startups use innovative practices to adapt. 

- Location : Coworker , Heliopolis

- Date :  23rd OF JULY  - 6:00 PM TO 9:00 PM 


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