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Hani is a leading Egyptian Business Designer and Innovation Consultant bringing a decade of experience in preparing executives and entrepreneurs to become innovators. He specializes in designing and delivering fun and interactive workshop experience, mentoring startup founders, and joining innovation teams to facilitate prototyping and validating customer-centric business models.

Since 2012, Hani has been inspiring the right mindset with thought-provoking keynotes on the latest in innovation and Evidence-Based Entrepreneurship, volunteering 1000s of hours mentoring early-stage startups, and engaging the Egyptian ecosystem with his blog and articles. His main aim is to teach entrepreneurs to learn by doing, investigate alternatives, appreciate experimental learning & value evidence over opinion.

Hani W. Naguib has dedicated his life to making a difference in the world. He has volunteered over 10K hours of mentoring sessions with various startups over the past 11 years. He has helped many entrepreneurs develop their business ideas, launch successful companies, and scale up their operations to meet the demands of today’s competitive market environment. 

Goodwill & Respect

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I facilitate value exploration workshops for both companies and startups.

I focus on the blue areas in the graph below.I use the same evidence-based value-focused innovation process for both. However, the cultural maturity of a startup vs. an established company makes the context very different.

In the "Initiate" horizon, I work with founders & founding teams. 

We explore & define the potential of a new thesis of value. 

Culture challenges: Dominant founder opinions.

Risk: Creating something nobody wants.

In the "Create" horizon, I work with innovation teams. 

We explore and discover a new thesis of value to stay relevant. 

Culture challenges: Dominant corporate politics.

Risk: Creating something nobody wants, unaligned with company strategy, or upsetting the boss!
Sometimes all three!

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