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Get More Value out of the Value Proposition Canvas.

The Customer Connection Canvas Add-On is designed to help you figure out the best way to maximize value creation by keeping your products/services hired for the longest possible time by your customer. 

The Tool Will Help You:

  • Design a market launch strategy. 

  • Develop growth hacking strategies. 

  • Develop online marketing strategies. 

How To Use The Canvas Add-On

1. Define your value proposition using the value proposition canvas.

2. Design A business model that best protect and scales your value proposition.

3. Print the Canvas Add-On on transparent paper and put it on top of the value proposition.

4. Start by defining the relationship boundaries. Check the implication of your choices on the business model. Understand that this process is iterative and not linear.  

5. Once the boundaries are defined in a manner that best serves your business model, follow that with the engagement strategy.

Customer Connection Canvas Add-On: Welcome
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