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Mentor Journey: It Will Only Look as Dark as you Allow It to

During uncertain times, it is really easy to tell you to stay positive and to keep staying positive until things get better. It is good advice, but not really concrete to say the least.

Yes, it may look dark right now. But, it will only look as dark as you allow it to. It is a really simple formula yet very hard to implement sometimes. But it is implementable and in this article, I want to share some of the practical advice I have been sharing with entrepreneurs lately on how to manage the mindset journey in the coming period.

What Is the Mindset Journey?

It is the personal component of the entrepreneurial journey. It has nothing to do with business. It is a journey of learnings, self inspiration and development on the entrepreneur’s personal level.

Unlike the startup journey, the mindset journey starts subconsciously. The moment you decide to begin your startup journey, the mindset journey is ignited subconsciously.

Dear entrepreneurs, I hear you, now please hear me.

It’s Ok Not to Be Ok

In these times of high uncertainty, you have every right to be concerned over what will happen and all the possible outcomes that can impact your work, family, friends and country. It is absolutely ok and there is nothing wrong with you if you feel sad or down. Being negative is ok in this period. But what is not ok is to decide not to do something about it and decide to surrender to these negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Therefore, it is time to fight back, mentally.

Fight Back by Giving Your Concerns and Emotions a “Time Frame”

One of the biggest mistakes you can do right now is to trap your thoughts and feelings in the future. You cannot think about the future right now, simply because we really do not know what will happen next. At best, what you have right now is just assumptions that you are not in a position to validate. At worst, what you have is the sum of all your fears magnified by the events around us.

Instead, consider setting a time frame for your thoughts. Consider to limit your thoughts to a day by day frame and what you can do in that time frame. Focus on planning your day well, fill it up with useful activities, whether personal activities or interactive and social activities.

You can dedicate time to reading, learning something new, doing some work with your team online, hanging out with your family and friends (virtually), helping others with something you are good at or doing some indoor sports.

At the end of each day, remind yourself that your day is over and unless something bad has happened, so far things are good. When tomorrow begins, start to worry about it. Until then, you are focused on the now and what you can do in the now.

It is not the end of the world. It is, however, the end of the world as we know it. A different and new world is upon us. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fight Back by Revisiting Your WHY

There is this great quote that I greatly believe in: “Actions speak louder than words.” Your actions can speak volumes of who you are. But why you do these actions can also shed the light of a thousand suns on the kind of person you are and can become as well. No matter how old or experienced you are, understanding your WHY can make a very big difference in your life and how you perceive it.

The direct result of that is a huge impact on your thoughts, feelings and actions. So revisit your WHY. Ask yourself why you started your business and give yourself the time to reflect on that. Write down all the reasons you reached on a piece of paper and put in a place that you will see everyday when you wake in the morning. It is a great reminder of your true motivations. Remember, it is not about how important you are but how important and impactful you work can become. So focus on your WHY and use it to make an impact in the life of your team, your customer and your community.

Fight Back by Harnessing the Power of Gratitude and Kindness

During this period of uncertainty, there is nothing stronger than the power of gratitude and kindness. But you must believe in them in order for that power to manifest. And like anything in the world, it must be practiced. Start by listing all those things that you take for granted and be grateful about them. Consider all those people that made a difference in your life and thank them. Be grateful to all those battles that you lost or won and that led you to this point in your life. Be grateful to the experiences you went through that made you discover who you really are.

Once you do that, make sure not to take those again for granted and cherish every moment you have them. Follow the lead of those people that helped you in the past and pay it forward to others. The most important thing of all is to do it with a purposeful WHY.

Yes, we live in a difficult time. Yes there is suffering and there is indifference in the world we live in. But, one person with the right why and the right focus can make endless waves in his/her surroundings. Even if no one comes to you and offers you a thank you, remember, your why is not about them, it is about you and why you are doing it.

Stay well, stay focused. You are the entrepreneurs and today and now is the time for entrepreneurs, the creators and the believers in something better.

Entrepreneurs build startups, startups propel development forward.

Good will and respect to all.

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