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Episode 3: Embracing Resilience and Self-Validation with Nourine Hawary, Founder of neobloq

Updated: Apr 2

Welcome back to another enlightening episode of our "Mindset To Startup Reflection Sessions" series! In Episode 3, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nourine Hawary, the visionary founder of Neobloq, a company dedicated to transforming used plastic into building blocks for sustainable construction.

Reflecting on the Journey

Nourine chose the following quote because she felt it encapsulates her entrepreneurial journey:

"Successful moments are the result of many unsuccessful attempts combined with patience and determination. Let that journey of patience and determination be the determining factor of your self-validation! Define yourself by how hard you were hit and how you decided to stand up and keep fighting — every time!" Chapter 3, page 52

Throughout our conversation, Nourine's reflections were centered on her journey and the lessons she learned about resilience and self-validation. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, she discovered the strength within herself to persevere and continue fighting for her vision of a more sustainable future.

Watch the full video here:

Neobloq: Building a Sustainable Future

At neobloq, Nourine is not only transforming plastic waste into building blocks but also paving the way for sustainable construction practices. Her innovative approach to addressing environmental challenges inspires entrepreneurs everywhere.

Get Involved!

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Stay tuned for more empowering conversations and insights on the entrepreneurial journey. Together, let's unlock the power of mindset and pave the way for startup success!

Goodwill & Respect

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