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Mindset To Startup Reflection Sessions Episode 1: Unveiling The Courage Within, with Eslam El-Refaey, CEO & Founder of Zeroprime Technologies.

Updated: Mar 18

This week's blog is exceptional for me. It is the start of a 12-week series of blogs inspired by my upcoming book Mindset To Startup. Mindset To Startup was written to celebrate founders. It is based on my firsthand experiences with them on their journeys. It describes situations, events, and challenges on both the mindset and startup levels.

To materialize those situations with real emotions and words, I showed around 30 quotes from different parts of the book to a diverse and inspiring group of founders I had the privilege of working with. The result was 12 videos with genuine reflections inspired by a quote that resonated with them.

Every Wednesday, I will share one quote from the book and the corresponding founder's reflection.

Here is the first quote:

"The second type, however, has manifested what I like to call fear-fueled courage. When entrepreneurs reach the point of overwhelming fear, they throw everything they have at it instead of standing still. They keep doing it until they are no longer afraid."

Mindset To Startup, Chapter 3, Page 38.

This quote inspired Eng. Eslam El-Refaey He is the diligent founder of ZeroPrime Technologies and the inventor of the groundbreaking CanBank. He reflects on his journey in a moving first Mindset To Startup Reflection Session video.

Watch the full Episode here:

If you feel this quote resonates with you, please feel free to share your reflection in a comment or send us your reflection in a video. You can upload your video here

Learn more about the book here.

This week marks the commencement of a 12-week blog series in which I will share profound insights from some of the most hardworking and inspiring founders I have worked with.

I hope that you find inspiration in them as I did myself.

Goodwill and Respect

Ramadan Kareem


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