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Episode 4: The Power of Sincere Conversations in Entrepreneurship With Sami and Ahmed, Founders of EMONOVO

Updated: Apr 15

Welcome to Episode 4 of our "Mindset To Startup Reflection Sessions" series! In this special episode, we had the honor of hosting two remarkable entrepreneurs: Sami Al-Ahmed and Ahmed ElGebaly, the founders of Emonovo (formerly MARJ3), the MENA region’s leading Ed-tech platform. They shared their journey of overcoming skepticism and adversity to build a successful venture.

Embracing Sincere Conversations

Our featured quote beautifully encapsulates the challenges and triumphs that entrepreneurs face:

"Because in the journey of entrepreneurship, there is a lot of judgment, both silent and apparent. Entrepreneurs will crave positive criticism that is delivered with kindness by someone they can trust. Entrepreneurs face judgment from their teams, investors, customers, support program employees, and other entrepreneurs. They also get a lot of praise when they are on the rise and a lot of indifference when they are not from those same groups of people. Having sincere conversations can center a human being like nothing else. Sincere words have the most amazing effects in helping entrepreneurs restore their inner balance, especially when they’re feeling vulnerable." Chapter 4, page 58.

Transforming Criticism into Success

Sami and Ahmed spoke candidly about the many times they were told they wouldn't make it and faced skepticism from others. Despite the challenges, they remained steadfast in their vision and ultimately succeeded. It's truly inspiring to witness their journey from facing criticism to receiving recognition for their achievements.

Watch Episode 4:

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Stay tuned for more empowering conversations and insights with the Mindset To Startup series on the entrepreneurial journey. Together, let's unlock the power of mindset and pave the way for startup success!

Goodwill & Respect

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